• Reason behind site

    This is a collective website of photography and videos created by Travis Gamble. Over the years i have created music videos, taken multiple photos, and recorded live music. I have come to find that this is one of my finest passions towards life, and want to share my work with you.

    What do you like to eat? I like food. Email ideas of the kind of finger-lickin' good eats you'd like to munch on. I can make it happen.


  • Gamblocity Goals

    Our goal at Gamblocity is to create a community of local media artisits, and share common knowledge of the arts. As well as find work for local media artisits that are struggling with finding projects. This is a work in progress, but a dream with high hopes.
  • Contact

    Travis Gamble

    If you would like photography or video done for an event, or any type of project, please contact me with your information and the project to be worked on and i will get to you as soon as possible.